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militia-royale app by IV3H
militia-royale app
will be serious about this later

divinus eruga - will shove her fist up your ass so far if you call her divinus 
cool with vi, vinus, eruga
once someone called her inus which sounded like anus so she shoved her fist up their anus
legit im cool with you making her look like 15-22 
tbh shes prob ancient she prob took some hella potion she forgot about
as long as she still looks tall and slender but hella nice curves like dang girl
she has way more bling blang but i just wasnt bout to draw all dat
her clothing/bling/and makeup changes color depending if she is deeepppp in a mood. 
red for ass fisting time and blue for chillaxin. see here
5 foot 9 
* chill af 
* foul language
* passive aggressive 
* top bitch 
* intelligent 
* super lonely 
* feels super inferior to everyone
* potions and mushrooms are her only "true" friends
vinus looks down on everyone and tries not to get emotionally attached to others bc it fucks her up. tries to put on a tough act for people she just meet/doesnt know very well/or people who make her piss. when she does meet new people she studies their every movement face twitch to understand what they feel/think and how they think. all for the cause of being able to manipulate them and others to get her way, dont get it wrong shes so good at this no one even knows so they dont get pissed at her. she dont want no trouble. dont hang out or gives anyone the time of day unless she finds them interesting or they are super chill and not offended by her language/jokes. develops a soft spot for people she doesnt think are piss babies and hanged out with a lil bit. also doesnt pay much mind to diff factions she will chill with anyone she thinks is cool. no racism here. inless you dumb af. 
honestly has no clear remembrance of her past, thinks she may or had a normal upbringing but who knows. the reason for this is when she got into potions she was not very well informed about everything so. tested out a lot of potions on herself. spent a few years lost af, emotionally and physically. the potions fucked her up p good. she actually stumbled onto the hideouts?? of the caterpillar faction and she gathered up info on it for a few days. mind u she is shit faced and dont know shit even tho the factions are big dealio. decided to join bc they offered shelter and it was a nice place to get a hold of stuff to make her potions. she sells potions and sometimes info but she isnt very interested in politics unless shes bored and wanna get out of her "house/home" for a bit. now she spends most of her time making potions to reverse the effects of the past ones that fucked her up but she is isnt v organised with that shit so doesnt really know if it is v effective  
she dont need none to beat yo ass
but she is well skilled in the art of i can fuck you up with this short blade
she doesnt carry around a knife for the reason that its a hassle but if shit goes down shell get a hold of one
usually has a few lil bottles of potions around her waist to slide in yo drink or somthin. 
additional info. 
* lone smoker
* smokey rooms make her squint 
* gayyyyyyy afffffffffff
* v dedicated to potion makin
* she dont smoke no sissy ass shit. only the top notch shit that will fuck you up. 
* likes pretty mushrooms and taking care of them like pets/children 
* very interested in the cat people think they top shit. second to her. 

p.s. legit seriously im p clueless to the shit i say so if you are offend pls say so i am actually nice kind person. 


big bunghole
United States

currently has no will to live

no more kiribans no more work. no more responsibilities.
trades and collabs are questionable
commissions are closed

Thank you for all your watches, favs, comments, and support !
I know I am a piece of shiitit
My art is NOT allowed to be shared on any other websites, re-posted, traced or claimed

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